Episode #2

Setup Private Docker Registry: password protected and over https

Published on: Oct 30, 2016 | Video length: 15 minutes

Show Notes

In this episode I will step through the creation of a private Docker Registry that is password protected and over SSL. Registry service run in a container on a DigitalOcean droplet using docker machine and docker compose.

If you don’t have a DigitalOcean account, Register now and get some credit and that should get you running a droplet for about 2 months - https://m.do.co/c/a9b9aef156d6

Following are the steps to walk through,

  1. Create a digitalocean droplet as docker host using Docker Machine
  2. Using Docker Compose, define Nginx service and run on the docker host on the droplet
  3. Create a public domain name and point it to the droplet IP address
  4. Update Docker Compose to add registry service and test the access through Nginx
  5. Configure SSL on nginx using certificate from sslforfree.com (Let’s Encrypt CA issued)
  6. Enabled basic authentication to allow only authorized users access the registry
  7. Tag images and push to the private registry; and pull from the private registry.