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I’m a technologist with years of experience in coding web apps, desktop apps, cloud infrastructure, deployments & automation

Quick Intro

  • My software programming journey started in the year 2001
  • I have experience writing code for web front-end, web backends, REST APIs, background jobs, infrastructure & deployment, etc.
  • I build web apps using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, SpringBoot, and using Javascript frameworks¬†
  • My favorite and go-to programming language is Ruby and the web framework is Ruby on Rails
  • Some of the scripting languages I use for automation & coding infrastructure are Ruby, Python, Shell script & Golang
  • My current go-to for writing Infrastructure as Code is Terraform with some Ruby & Python scripts
  • I follow Docker-first (Containerize first) approach for any new/maintenance projects.
  • I embrace Cloud Agnostic architecture using Kubernetes, with a good balance of using Cloud Managed Services
  • Short hands-on courses and example/demo project code on GitHub are how I chose to contribute to the open-source community¬†

Do you think the quick intro is too vague? You might want to check my LinkedIn profile.